Paya Sanat Company

About company

Paya Sanat Company started its activity in Iran in 1999 for the first time in the field of designing and manufacturing hot runner systems for plastic injection molds.

Paya Sanat Co. is proud to be a specialist in the development and training of manpower and training personnel, and with the backing of its 20 years of experience, it is proud to continue to be the leading supplier and supplier of all types of hot runner systems including hot manifold, nozzles and temperature control devices for the plastic industry.

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  • The production of standard hot runner systems includes a variety of nozzles and hot manifold
  • Production of temperature control devices for a variety of hotplates molds
  • Design and production of hot runner systems based on customer requirements
  • Provide hot runner systems with inlet valve
  • Consultation in the field of designing and manufacturing plastic molds equipped with hot runner
  • Advice for changing the plastic mold with a regular walk-in ward
  • Repair and service of various hot runner systems

Products and Services

Temperature Controller
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Advantages of using hot runner systems in plastic injection molds

Removing waste and saving plastic materials, especially in multi-cavity molds
Shortening the injection cycle and increasing production and the possibility of full-automatic injection of the mold
Eliminating payment operations and separating the site as well as recycling them
Possibility to choose the best position for material entry into the mold cavity
High quality plastic parts manufacturing in terms of beauty and physical properties
The production of sensitive plastic parts for the medical, food and plastic parts of thin-walled structures
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